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About Michael J. Abbate

Michael Abbate, CFP®, ChFC® is Chief Executive Officer and Director of Financial Planning at Dynamic Wealth Partners. Michael’s background spans 25 years of industry experience, which began on institutional commodities and capital markets trading floors around the world, including New York, Chicago, London and Paris. He made the switch to individual and small business investing, financial planning and consulting nearly a decade ago, desiring to connect with clients on a personal level, rather than overnight and across the oceans.


Michael brings a measured, individually-tailored focus to his clients and their financial, business and risk-management needs. He’s experienced in long-term investment strategy, retirement and estate planning, tax-advantaged wealth management concepts, and insurance and other contingency-planning vehicles. He is a strong believer in continuing education and ongoing research and training, so he’s able to offer clients a variety of solutions to their financial problems and needs, and he insists that clients come first, always. Integrity, honesty, service and transparency are the very cornerstones of his practice.


Michael’s interest in financial wellness began early. As the son of a physician, Michael witnessed firsthand the frequent phenomenon of doctors who could save lives but not money; healers who understood the intricate inner workings of the human body but were confounded by the financial markets; experts who could plan for the unexpected in patients but not their own practices and personal lives. He adopted the tagline, “The Caregiver’s Caretaker,” and began his practice with a dedication to helping healthcare practices and professionals identify their own risk factors for financial health and putting into place plans that help ensure long-term financial wellness. After several years, Michael saw that these services were needed in much broader scope than just healthcare professionals, and so he began working with individuals and other small businesses as well.


Michael is CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) and Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®).  He sits on  board for The Valley of the Sun Y-MCA's Camp Sky-Y,  serving the greater Phoenix area helping make summer camp a reality for kids who might otherwise not be able to.  Michael and his wife of 23 years live in Gilbert with their two children and the family dogs.



What Makes Michael Dynamic?


  • A self-taught stick juggler, Michael has been practicing this ancient Chinese art for more than 20 years. He’s juggled flaming sticks, glowing sticks, lighted sticks and, yes, even some boring sticks, too. With his family, he picks up a new pair almost every year at Arizona’s Renaissance Festival.

  • Michael is an amateur composer of electronic music, and if he’s not listening to CNBC or other business news, you’ll find him bopping his head to a strong, thumping beat.

  • Michael is a gardener extraordinaire, and can grow almost anything out of water and dirt. He’s filled his family’s backyard with herbs, vegetables and fruits, and he’s shared his expertise with countless classes at school and church, as well as his children’s boy and girl scout troops.




Chief Executive Officer and Director of Financial Planning

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