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It’s Our Job to Make Your Life Easier

We consider ourselves a “high-touch” practice, meaning that at DWP, our client partners come first. Period. Our job is to make our clients’ lives easier, whatever that means. There are the obvious ones: we’ll fill out your paperwork for you, or travel to the most convenient location for you to meet. But there are additional services we provide that may not occur to you. Do you need to evaluate whether it’s a better deal to sell the second house now or to wait for the market to come up? We’ll help you run numbers as part of our service. Can’t seem to make the household budget work? Let’s review and see what ideas we can come up with, that’s part of our service. Is your credit down the drain after market volatility over the past decade? We can help with some tips there too. Or a referral to a CPA, attorney, or mortgage broker. Or reviewing your benefits options at work to see what the best choice would be for you and your family. Or acting as a free sounding board for friends and relatives of our clients, even if they never become clients themselves.


Our ideal clients view us as their chosen financial experts, and want to discuss every major financial decision with us before they’re made. That’s what we want, too: an open line of communication where we can use our experience and skills to help make your financial life more manageable and as a result, make your life work better. At DWP, we offer more than investments and insurance. Our commitment to our client partners is full service with excellence, every day, in every way possible.

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“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” – Albert Einstein

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